The Second Annual Stitcher Report

What listening behaviors, show preferences and listener profiles looked like during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has — and forever will — change the way we live our lives. From how and where we work to who and what we listen to on the podcast front. But one thing is for certain. Podcasting is here to stay. More people are listening, more shows are being launched, and we’re seeing a rise in listening hours, too. These trends are reflected in the likes of Edison Research’s Infinite Dial Report, and we’re seeing it in Stitcher app data as well.

Here’s what we’ve noticed over the last 18+ months:

  • Moving beyond the coasts: New listeners are younger, more diverse, and spread out across the entire nation

This year we also asked Stitcher listeners about why they started, and continue to listen to, podcasts. While the overall results mirror what we typically see in other reports, there were some notable differences among gender and age groups.

  • Gen Z and Boomers have more in common than you might think: Both are twice as likely as the 25–44 year old cohort to have started listening because a celebrity or public figure they follow hosts a show. They also cite wanting to learn more about a topic more frequently than the rest of the population.

To find the Top 25 podcasts of the year, the topics most searched for, gender differences in listening and more, dive into the report below!

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